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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), has been providing its Self-Rescue™ program since 1966. At ISR, we prioritize your child's safety above all else. With almost 60 years of research and experience, our Self-Rescue™ program is unmatched in providing exceptional results in pools worldwide. Our survival swim lessons are customized to your child's unique needs, based on a comprehensive assessment and continuous monitoring of their health and skill level. We understand that every child learns at their own pace, and we gently/confidently guide them through each skill level based on their individual development and readiness.ISR has helped countless children learn the essential skills to survives and potentially save their own lives in the water.

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ISR Mission

"Not One More Child Drowns"

ISR Self-Rescue® 

Providing Your Child

  • Competence

  • Confidence

  • Skills of Aquatic Safety

Infant Swimming Resource is the safest and most effective provider of survival swimming lessons worldwide, teaching ISR Self-Rescue™ skills to children ages 6 months to 6 years old. With the highest safety standards in the industry, ISR is able to deliver the best survival swimming instruction in the world today. The result? More than 15 million safe and effective lessons delivered, providing children with a foundation for safety and a lifetime of fun in and around the water.

Instructor Training and Certification


Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has a stringent certification program tailored to aquatic survival through ISR Self-Rescue™ skills


ISR Instructor Candidates are carefully screened through an extensive interviewing process before earning certification

ISR Instructor Talking to Her Little One


The six-week intensive training program includes academic training with emphasis on Child Psychology, Physiology and Behavioral Science and a minimum of 60- 80 hours of supervised in-water training by a Certified Master Instructor


Instructors' skills and techniques are continuously monitored and evaluated, and they must complete annual reviews and continued education for recertification

ISR Child Floating


All ISR instructors are required to be certified and re-certify annually.  Along with remain certified in Adult and Infant CPR, First Aid, and carry their own liability policy.


Do you have questions about ISR and would like to learn more about the ISR Self-Rescue™ program.

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