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Kilo G

Kilo G.


Princess Sophia

September 27, 2008 – December 29, 2023

Brooke Calhoun

Certified ISR Instructor

ISR Cajun Country Instructor

As the owner and a certified instructor of ISR Cajun Country; I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to teach in this fabulous community.

I am just an ordinary down home country girl who holds a strong faith, and enjoys, "Living Life to the Fullest." I have four beautiful children, two wonderful grandchildren and my fur babies, Kilo G. and Princess Sophia.

I believe that life is one of the most precious gifts that can be bestowed upon us; however, it is often taken for granted until tragedy hits home or close to home.

The IMPORTANCE of WATER SAFETY cannot be emphasized enough!

 The value of a child's life does not come with a price tag nor is it replaceable; therefore, constantly being aware of your child's surroundings and equipping them with the armor they need to protect themselves, will help one less child succumb to the tragic event of a drowning.

As a certified ISR instructor, I feel compelled to utilize my knowledge, enthusiasm and skills to not only educate and bring awareness to the forefront of our local community but to provide confidence and security to each one of my families while teaching their precious little one the life-saving aquatic skills necessary to be safe in and around the water. 

I am grateful for the trust and faith placed in me as your child's future certified instructor of the ISR Self-Rescue™ program, and I can't wait to make a difference in your child's life!

Certified ISR Instructor with current First Aid, Adult and Infant CPR certifications and Liability Insurance.

In Loving Memory

Eric Wayne Stelly played a crucial part in the establishment of ISR Cajun Country, serving as both a significant other and a best friend. His unwavering support and dedication were indispensable to the success of becoming a certified ISR instructor. His daily encouragement, motivation, and belief in the mission of the business helped to create a solid foundation for growth and drive to succeed. Although his passing leaves a void that cannot be filled, his legacy will be honored through the ongoing promotion of water safety awareness.

Eric Wayne Stelly

January 12, 1978 – May 06, 2023

In Memory of Eric Stelly

Cierra San Soucie

Certified ISR Instructor


"Hey everyone! I'm Cierra San Soucie, and I'm living my dream as a Certified ISR Instructor. After watching other instructors, I knew I also wanted to make a difference in the lives of those around me. I have a background in special education and worked as a paraprofessional for years, so my love for children shines through in everything I do.
When I'm not in the water, you can find me spending time with my colorful standard poodle, Cheerio, and my family! My favorite pastimes include playing board games, testing my skills in Escape Rooms, and finding the prettiest trails to hike.
I enjoy spreading contagious laughter and wearing a big smile everywhere that I go!
ISR has brought me back home to Louisiana after living in Auburn, Alabama for the last 9 years. So, when I say “Go Tigers” no one knows who I am really cheering for!
I am looking forward to meeting your family and teaching lifelong skills to your little ones, so they stay safe in and around the water.
So, if you're looking for a dedicated ISR instructor, then look no further! Let's make a splash together!"



Certified ISR Instructor with current First Aid, Adult and Infant CPR certifications and Liability Insurance.

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